Saturday, 12 May 2012

Overcoming Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are quite a common and sometimes debilitating disorder. There are a number of treatments for it, ranging from prescribed medication to natural home remedies. This article is aimed at providing some quick tips for overcoming panic attacks that you can put to use right away.

Panic and anxiety attacks are caused by the brain's overreaction to stressful situations or thoughts. Some of the symptoms include:

- Feeling faint
- Sweating
- Shaking
- Racing heart
- Shortness of breath
- Hot flashes

These symptoms also relate to many other ailments unrelated to panic and anxiety disorders, therefore it is important to see a doctor if you think you're suffering from a panic and anxiety disorder. There are three main types of panic attacks, which are defined as:

1. Spontaneous panic attacks. This type can strike anytime or anywhere, from sleeping, to working, to preparing a meal. The irregularity of them adds a lot of stress to an already difficult disorder.

2. Specific panic attacks. These happen when someone is faced with a familiar situation that provokes anxiety or that relates to a previous anxiety attack.

3. Situational predisposed panic attacks. These occur only in specific places or situations. For example, only when grocery shopping.

A prolonged case of panic attacks can become a vicious cycle of anxiety where the person becomes afraid of the next panic attack. This can result in serious depression if not checked by your doctor. When considering medication for overcoming panic attacks, be sure to weigh the benefits against the possible side effects.

Predicting when the next panic attack will happen can be challenging, but reducing panic as soon as it starts will most likely stop a panic attack altogether. This is because stopping or slowing your physical reaction to the emotion will prevent a build up of adrenalin which will then decrease your anxiety. Here are some tips for overcoming panic attacks and how you can help yourself right away:

1. Try to be lighthearted with yourself and the world around you. You will have fewer stressful situations which could lead to panic.

2. Distract your mind with a funny word or image - as absurd as you can think of. This will help minimize the panic.

3. Remove yourself from the place of panic by going for a walk. A change of scenery will help you refocus and distract you from anxiousness.

4. Focus fully on breathing deeply and slowly for a few minutes until the anxiety subsides.

5. Keep a journal what you were thinking during an attack. Being able to analyze exactly what happens during your attacks, will enable you to anticipate them so you have a much better chance of overcoming panic attacks in the future.

6. Keep fit and eat healthy. Too many stimulants such as coffee and alcohol will negatively affect your emotional state.

Overcoming panic attacks once and for all is a very real possibility. Here are two natural methods that have worked for many people.

By : Shannon Staples