Saturday, 9 June 2012

Bipolar Disorder Behavior - Symptoms that Signal Bipolar Disorder Behavior

While there are common symptoms that may indicate a person has bipolar disorder, each person is different. Therefore the particular symptoms they will exhibit and to the degree they have them depends on the person. This means there is no cookie cutter approach that is going to work for taking care of the disorder.

Bipolar disorder behavior can come on suddenly in both men and women. It is also known to affect young children and teenagers. The average age for bipolar disorder is approximately 25. There is plenty of research to indicate bipolar disorder behavior may be hereditary in nature.

Anyone who is affiliated with bipolar disorder often feels like they are living on a roller coaster that just keeps going up and down without any chance to get off the ride. The emotions that vary from one extreme to another are very hard for a person with bipolar to deal with on a daily basis.

These behaviors are certainly anything but normal and they can affect a person's personal relationships and career. It is very important to understand the behaviors a person with bipolar disorder exhibits aren't restricted to affecting only them. Their family suffers an emotional strain and in many cases financial stressors as well.

The two extremes of bipolar disorder behavior are mania and depression. Their behavior may fall anywhere between the two spectrums. When an individual is in a manic phase they are very unpredictable and act irresponsibly. This can cause them to be in a dangerous situation as well as put others around them at risk. Common behaviors during maniac episode include drinking excessively, taking drugs, and risky sexual behaviors.

As the person shifts into a depression mode they often start to experience psychotic episodes. They may become very paranoid because they hear voices, experience hallucinations, and they may believe they have a special power. They may feel very sad one moment and ecstatic the next.

Anyone who is trying to live a normal life and go to work each day has a hard time doing so with such extreme mood swings. Many people who suffer from bipolar disorder behavior don't realize it and they have never been diagnosed. Yet they can't seem to maintain personal relationships or hold a job.

There is no cure for bipolar disorder but with the right combination of medication and therapy it can be controlled. Many people with bipolar disorder are able to function at a normal level under the supervision of a doctor.

By : Caleb Liu