Wednesday, 27 June 2012

How to Avoid Anxiety Attacks, Or Not!

I am sure you have heard many times that anxiety attacks can come anytime, anywhere. Suddenly, your hit by a barrage of strange symptoms. Your heart starts pounding, you can't breathe properly, you start to feel faint and weak, and more importantly, you REALLY feel like your going to die right there.

This is what an anxiety attack feels like.

But during that short time, the terror can be so severe that it can cause a change in a person's psyche and this is where the main problem starts. After an anxiety attack is over, you may start worrying about having another one, particularly in public places where help isn't available and hence the term "unsafe place".

You start AVOIDING places and situation which trigger your last attack. You AVOID driving, AVOID taking buses or trains, AVOID going out alone, etc. Eventually, you AVOID going out altogether as the frequencies and intensity of th attack increases.

Still want to AVOID anxiety attacks?

Often, avoidance can lead to more harm than good, and especially more so for anxiety attacks. When you avoid situation which trigger your anxiety attacks, your giving in to your fear and anxiety. Fear and anxiety is what fuels an anxiety attack, making it occur again and again...and again!

The first thing you must do now is to chuck the word "avoid" out of the window. You don't have to avoid anxiety attacks. Why? Because its perfectly treatable. You CAN make it stop. You don't have to be stuck with it forever.

Rather than learning how to avoid anxiety attacks, seek to confront it. Accept the fact that you have anxiety attack and make the decision to stop it. This action must come at some point in time. Anxiety attacks isn't going to stop by itself. You cannot hope to avoid it and pray than it never finds you.

Know that anxiety attack cannot harm you. Its been medically proven. Despite the uncomfortable sensations you feel during an anxiety attack, KNOW that nothing will happen to you.

You heart is pounding madly, you think that your having a heart attack, BUT YOUR NOT! It feels unnatural because this type of heart activity is usually reserved for vigorous activity (when your exercising), and you don't notice it as much.

You can't breathe, you think that your suffocating or hyperventilating, BUT YOUR NOT! In fact, the risk of suffocating during an anxiety attack is much lower than usual because your taking in more air. The effects of having too much oxygen in your bloodstream causes you to feel numb, faint and weak...and there you have it, your not suffocating - your breathing too much!

Arm yourself with the above knowledge and know that anxiety attack cannot harm you. Don't avoid anxiety attacks, confront it!

by Nomorepanicattack